Newsletter 2020 – Q4

Top News from All of Us

New Data Release

The latest data release this week includes more data available for researchers in both the Data Browser and the Researcher Workbench across all domains. The release includes:

  • More than 315,000 completed surveys
  • More than 263,000 physical measurements
  • More than 203,000 electronic health records (EHRs) 
  • Fitbit data from more than 8,000 participants 
  • Initial All of Us COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) survey results from more than 63,000 participants

New Data Type: Fitbit

All of Us participants have the option to contribute information from wearable health tracking devices like Fitbit. Fitbit wearables monitor the distance a user walks, runs, swims, or cycles, as well as the number of calories they burn and take in. Some also monitor heart rate and sleep quality. Fitbit data are the first of this data type to be included in the All of Us dataset. Fitbit data from more than 8,000 participants are available through both the Researcher Workbench and the Data Browser.

New Survey: COPE Survey

COVID-19 is having widespread and wide-ranging effects on All of Us participants and their communities. All of Us created the COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) survey to learn more about the way the pandemic is affecting people’s lives, particularly their mental health. The survey includes questions about social distancing, general well-being, mood, stress, and more. The first COPE survey was offered to All of Us participants on May 7, 2020. More surveys went out in May, June and July and stayed up until late September. The Data Browser and Researcher Workbench now have COPE survey data from May through August. To protect participant privacy, aggregate results will be shared via the Data Browser, while select individual data will be accessible only in the Registered Tier dataset (i.e., data describing COVID positive status will not be made available) to protect participant privacy. A shorter version of the survey was distributed in November and December, and will go out again in January.

All of Us Researcher Onramp

On November 12, All of Us hosted the first-ever virtual Researcher Onramp. More than 300 researchers interested in learning more about the All of Us Researcher Workbench and how to leverage its powerful analytic capabilities tuned in. Attendees learned about the program’s vision from All of Us Research Program CEO Josh Denny, experienced a live demonstration of the Researcher Workbench by the Data and Research Center, heard directly from beta users about their experience using the platform, and learned how to register for the Researcher Workbench and access All of Us data.

Researcher Workbench Tool Updates

The All of Us Research Program Researcher Workbench is committed to getting feedback from researchers early and often as we build this national resource. With input from existing users, we have updated the Concept Set Selector and Cohort Builder tools. Users can learn more about these updates by visiting the Researcher Workbench User Support Hub. 

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